EDCI Mathematics Education Leadership (Specialization)

EDCI 725: National and International Leadership Issues in Math Education (Fall 2013)
Dr. Hjalmarson led us in an exploration of classical research methods particular to mathematics education.  We investigated pivotal studies that changed evolving methodologies and have a set of resources for experimental designs.
Syllabus_EDCI 725 Fall 2013 Hjalmarson
LEONG_Pilot Study_EDCI725_ReWork
LEONG_Pilot Study_EDCI725_ReWork_mh

EDCI 726: State and Local Leadership Issues in Math Education (Fall 2012) A trial research project was the highlight of this course.  We wrote and submitted to the IRB board, gathered data, collaboratively analyzed the data, and wrote up our results. Undoubtedly I learned more from this course than any other.  I learned that even the most meager slice of data can lead to meaningful results and understandings. The first document below was submitted as a chapter in a yearbook focused on assessment.  The second was submitted to PME 2014, an international conference, as a short oral report, and was accepted.
LEONG_Fluency   (submitted for class requirements)
MORROW LEONG_Beyond Accuracy   (rewrite for APME chapter submission)
SO_MorrowLeong   (PME conference proposal)

EDCI 855: Mathematics Education Research on Teaching and Learning (Fall 2010) Core readings in the mathematics education literature highlighted this course.  Our discussions and readings helped us orient our thinking to the history of the field.  The key writings for this course were  the “Position Paper” and another that was our topic of choice.
LEONG Knowledge PaperMar8
LEONG_Position Paper_Teacher Change

EDCI 856: Mathematics Education Curriculum Design and Evaluation (Fall 2011) Classic readings expand to critical and modern issues in mathematics education.  We explored writings on curriculum that offered a contemporary view on current research.  My personal issue paper explored dominant culture mathematics and its relation to multiple sources and evidence of numeracy outside of its purview.
LEONG_Equity paper_comments.ashx

EDCI 857: Preparation and Professional Development of Math Teachers (Spring 2013) Dr. Suh led us in a review of current and essential writings on professional development.  We shared the class with science education doctoral students and learned about the issues surrounding their discipline.  My final project was a professional development project that proposed a study of teachers’ solution processes as they grapple with solving mathematics using manipulatives.  I named the instructional tool the Narrated Video Solution.
Spring 2013.Edci 857 syllabus PD.Suh
LEONG_Professional Development Proposal Plan_FINAL
LEONG_Professional Development Proposal Plan_FINAL_Suh

EDCI 858: Mathematics Education Research Design and Evaluation (Fall 2013) A pilot study and core readings formed the core of this course.  The most challenging of our content courses, Dr. Hjalmarson led us in discussions of some dense, but important texts in mathematics education.  As individuals we narrowed our conceptual framework sufficiently to draft a research design enough to execute a trial study.  Writing the research report not only reported on the initial results, but also on the improvements and changes to be made to the research design.
Syllabus_EDCI 858 Fall 2013 Hjalmarson
LEONG_Confrey Biography
LEONG_Confrey Biography_mh

EDCI 994: Advanced Internship (Summer 2012) Modeling Mathematical Ideas is the name of the COMPLETE Center course which I coordinated and planned in fulfillment of the internship requirements.  The purpose of the course was to encourage teachers to explore the manipulatives that may already be present in their classroom, with the goal of exposing their limits and their strengths.  Another outcome of the course was managerial – I encouraged facilitators/instructors new to the COMPLETE Center to have the experience of teaching a large room of teachers, as well as counseling them as they led lesson studies in local schools.
LEONG_Internship Application


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